Founded 1980 with sliced roast pork and put it here
Tradition and flavor to taste plus new and improved.


Natto Ramen‼

2019March 4, 2016

2Reappears for the first time in years‼Natto Ramen‼意外な組み合わせながらもスタッフの間とお客様の中で人気の商品です。是非この機会にご賞味ください。Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

HP Open

2016March, 14.

HP Open notice our visit this past fiscal year, thank you. This Web site was established. Strive to better stocked, so we thank sincerely. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.