Founded 1980 with sliced roast pork and put it here
Tradition and flavor to taste plus new and improved.


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2021January 3, 2010 : It is a deal.
家族で外食をされる際はご利用ください。  天神や博多駅に行くときにはお立ち寄りやすいめんくいやの豚骨らーめんを食べに来られてください。安いてうまいそしてお得なときに是非ご利用ください。駐車場有 サイドメニュー豊富 薬院駅 渡辺通り
2021January 3, 2010 : Deals
E-mail member only children's ramen service for 300 yen
2019August 7, 2010 : Boiled egg or replacement ball service‼
6It is a service that can be used as many times as you like for a period from day to 12 days.
Please take this opportunity to come to me.‼
2019年7月8日 : Summer New Menu 2

Sweet and spicy mixed noodles‼
Homemade thick noodles and
Spicy meat miso goes well with it👍

Please come to eat stamina mixed noodles to survive this hot summer by all means.‼
2019年7月8日 : New Summer Menu

It is a classic chilled ramen of the summer of menkuya.
Spicy tsukemen with cool thin noodles👌
Please enjoy it by all means.‼